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how are you?

You might be here because you have faced a significant event in your life, such as a relationship breakdown, a change in family circumstances, a job loss or a loss of someone you love.


Perhaps you are feeling stressed, anxious or disconnected from life. It may be that you lack a sense of direction and worry that life is simply passing you by, with little sense of joy or fulfilment.


You might not even know exactly what it is that is troubling you, but something just doesn't feel right.

Holding onto difficulties without having an outlet is challenging. You may find yourself pushing your feelings to one side, or distracting yourself with endless tasks to keep busy and avoid thinking. But this is not sustainable. As time goes on, burying these feelings can begin to feel exhausting, impacting on your emotional and physical wellbeing. It may affect your relationships with others and how you relate to yourself.


Considering therapy is a great first step towards a positive and healthy change.

People seek therapy for different reasons. Life happens; circumstances change, unforeseen events surprise us, priorities change.

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why therapy?

Time for you

In the therapeutic relationship, the dialogue is focused in one direction – this is time purely for you. It is a great opportunity to allow yourself to slow down and invest in your own emotional needs.

A confidential space

Therapy offers a safe, supportive and empathic space where you can speak freely, without fear that your story will be repeated elsewhere.

Objective and non-judgmental

You can talk to a therapist about anything, without feeling the need to filter yourself for fear of being judged. A therapist uses an objective and unbiased approach to begin to understand your thought process, without being influenced by their own personal feelings. Rather than telling you what to do, they will listen to your story and encourage and support you to find the answers to your problems.

A new perspective

Therapy can help you to learn how your mind works. Talking about problems aloud can begin to give them shape, helping you to understand what it is that is not working for you and why. It may also help to uncover the emotions you have about the problem, so that you can begin to express them in an open and accepting space. 

An investment for the future

The more we become aware of what makes us feel happy, sad, angry or scared, the more we can begin to find ways to recognise and accept our feelings and manage our behaviour. Problems will inevitably arise in the future, but knowing how to deal with them in a healthy way is an essential skill. Therapy can help you to uncover your own strengths and develop inner and outer resources to deal with the ups and downs of life.

To find out if I am the right person for you, book your free consultation:

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