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Therapeutic Approach

The main modality I work in is Transactional Analysis, or TA for short.


TA is a talking therapy. It promotes personal growth and change by exploring an individual’s personality and how it has been shaped by experiences, decisions and beliefs, particularly those experiences from childhood. It encourages us to consider how we become who we are and how we have learned to relate to others.

By making links with our past and present and bringing that understanding into our awareness, we gain a greater insight into our personality and can choose to make positive changes to our lives in the present.

Talk therapy explores the source of the problem, rather than simply addressing the symptoms. By understanding the source and working through your difficulties, you are developing tools to help to cope with challenges that may arise in your future.

Being able to see something from a different perspective can lead to light bulb moments of clarity. You have the power to change what isn't working for you.

how we work together

For some individuals, the idea of a therapist can conjure up an image of an authoritarian figure that is unfeeling, distant and secretly analysing everything the client says. That isn't the way I work - I will just be myself. My aim is to offer a nurturing, open and honest space.

TA is based on the principle of 'I'm OK, you're OK'. This is a way to describe the relationship between the client and therapist as being completely equal. I will encourage you to take an active role in therapy. I won't decide what is right for you - that is up to you. My role will be to facilitate and support you to make sense of your experiences, using sensitive questioning and honest input to help you to gain in-depth insight into your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

It is my belief that the collaborative relationship between you and I will be the driving force behind the success of therapy. It will take time for us to get to know one another and it may take time for you to develop trust in me. That's ok - it is perfectly natural to feel hesitant. Sometimes therapy might feel hard or upsetting. That's ok too - I am here to support you and help you to navigate through the good and bad times. Together, we will find a way to make the changes you desire.

If you like the sound of my approach, please get in touch for your free consultation. Once we have met, you can decide if you would like to attend regular sessions.

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